Inbound and outbound students in Ontario

When studying away from home, either as a Canadian studying abroad or in another province/territory, or as a non-Canadian studying in Canada, you may not be protected against the costs of a medical emergency. Much like standard travel emergency medical plans, student insurance is intended to cover unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances.

Unexpected medical treatment is one of the most expensive costs you can incur while living abroad. However, unlike most travel insurance plans which will repatriate you home when continued care is required, these plans are tailored to provide continuing benefits while you continue your studies. We also have options for family members or dependents of students who require coverage while accompanying you away from home while you study.

Who qualifies for Students Insurance?

The three types of students who can benefit from student travel insurance are outlined below:

National Students

These are Canadian students who attend a post-secondary institution in another province.  While they will generally still be covered under their home province's government health insurance plan, the amount that those programs will pay is limited by the cost of the service in their home province.  Any amount over and above the cost in the home province will need to be paid for by the patient.

Outbound Students

Outbound students are Canadians who are leaving Canada and studying abroad.  Insurance for students studying abroad is especially critical because the cost of health care services can be very high outside of Canada.  Outbound students should make sure they have adequate insurance to cover their expenses and bring them home in the case of an emergency.

Inbound Students

Coverage is also available for non-Canadians who are full-time students in Canada.  These students are temporary residents of Canada who would not be covered under any government health plans.


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